January 2nd: Futile efforts in home decorating

WHEN: January 2, 2015 (really got after it that Friday)

WHERE: HD Buttercup

WHAT: 2 rust colored throw pillows; $242.30 (total)


WHY: HD Buttercup is a fabulous home furnishing store in San Francisco.  The space is massive and jammed with a million interesting pieces.  Twice a year they have a sale with deep discounts and I always make sure to stop by.  This time, I was on the hunt for some new throw pillows to go on our cream sofa, replace the existing floral pillows (which are a bit small) and coordinate with a relatively new rug.  Wasn’t sure if these (the square, stripey ones, on the ends in the picture above) would work or not but knew I could return if necessary.

WELL? I thought they were good, not great.  Husband declared them “too Navajo” and I see what he means.  The colors were pretty much a perfect match with the rug but I think maybe they were too dark/high contrast with the ivory couch?  I don’t know.  I love looking at home decor blogs and sites like Houzz.com, but when it comes down to details like finding the perfect throw pillow, I lose patience (and interest) very quickly.  These went back and have yet to be replaced.  Suggestions happily welcomed.

January 2nd: Futile efforts in home decorating