January 2nd: Bye Bye, Rockstuds

WHEN: January 2, 2015

WHERE: Nordstrom.com (two orders in one day–yikes)

WHAT: Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Flat, Tan, size 40; $745.00

Valentino Rockstud2
Hello, lover

WHY: I would contend that an explanation is not necessary when it comes to Valentino but I suspect reasonable minds would disagree.  I’ve had these on my Nordstrom.com wish list for over  a year and finally someone took notice–these were under the tree (in Nude) this Christmas.  (Well done, hubs.)  But they were too small (size 39) and the color felt sort of corpse-like.  I should probably admit now that I’m a habitual returner of gifts–add these to the list.  But I still love the style of these shoes so jumped on them when I saw them in my size (size 40, in theory) in this Tan color.

WELL? The color was great and they weren’t quite as uncomfortable as you might think from the pointed toe, but the size 40 was too big.  Evidently, I’m Goldilocks.  Nordstrom didn’t have a 39.5 so these too went back and I happily ended up with a sizable store credit from the gift return.  (Not for long, of course.)  To justify $700+ shoes, they better be perfect.  Sadly, these weren’t.

January 2nd: Bye Bye, Rockstuds