Hello world!

Well, here goes.  My first foray into the blogosphere (do people still say that?) on February 10, 2015, roughly 20 years after the first blog appeared online.  Timely as ever, Auburn.  Totally have my finger on the technological pulse.

Actually, I’ve thought about creating a blog for years, but whenever I stumbled upon a possible topic or theme, I dismissed it almost immediately.  Pictures of my daily outfits?  No.  Done, done and then done some more.  Plus, that avenue requires putting yourself out there (physically) in a way that is outside my comfort zone.  Comedic (so I would hope) musings about the world at large?  No.  Also done and very hard to do well.  Too high pressure and difficult to sustain (in my opinion).  After having my first baby a year and a half ago, dipping my toe into the billion dollar baby business seemed inviting but, there too, hard to find an original niche.

Then, just the other day, as I hit “Place your order” on yet another Amazon.com purchase, I started to think about how I was possibly doing a disservice to other consumers by not writing reviews given what a frequent user I am of that site.  Seriously, I’m assuming Amazon.com has a list of their top purchasers and I’d be shocked if I wasn’t on that list.  Not a humble brag, just an observation.  And yet, I never do write reviews there.  Sometimes I am motivated to write a review of an item on Nordstrom.com but not consistently (though I’m so appreciative of those who do write reviews there as they often guide my purchasing decisions).

According to my husband, I’m nothing if not an overconsumer of goods.  (He doesn’t mean it is an insult and I certainly don’t take it that way.)  So what about a blog where I reviewed my purchases?  ALL OF THEM.  Every day.  For a year.  I humbly present to you: The Daily Buy (I’ve been waiting for three plus decades to capitalize upon my last name . . . and I have a sneaking suspicion it may prove to be an accurate title).

My self-imposed mission is to, as soon as possible after making a purchase, post a blog entry describing same.  Then, at a later date (maybe a few days, maybe the following month, as appropriate), I’ll post a review of that item.  I imagine I’ll refine the process as I go along.  Purchases will get categorized into buckets: Clothing/Shoes (oh lordy, that’s going to be a big one), Beauty, Baby Stuff (products but also baby clothing/shoes), Home Decor, Gifts, Books and Miscellaneous.  My goal is to post every single purchase, excluding groceries.  Although when I pitched this concept to my cousin, she quickly pointed out that reviews of food items and/or recipes might also be of interest.  Feel free to let me know if you agree.  Because I want this blog to have a clean start, my first entries will backdate to purchases made beginning January 1, 2015.

I’m hoping this blog will ultimately serve two purposes: (1) provide candid, non-sponsored reviews of items that followers will find helpful in their own purchasing decisions; and (2) more selfishly, provide me with an accurate snapshot of my own buying and spending habits in hopes of yielding more thoughtful purchases.  And if my overall purchasing volume goes down, well, I can name one person in my household who won’t complain.  Spoiler alert: it’s not me.  Although even I must concede that the amount of time I spend packaging up items for returns is bordering on the ridiculous.

One brief disclaimer: I shall apologize once, and then will try to avoid doing so continually, for the inevitably amateur look and feel of this blog.  I’m new to this, pretty technologically un-savvy and, as a full-time working mom with a baby at home, have precious little free time.  But if I don’t start now, it won’t happen.  For now I shall prioritize content over aesthetics, but stick with me–I hope that the aesthetics piece will improve over time.

Hello world!

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